Beyond  MMA Kick Strike Shield Curved Training Thai Pad Target Focus Boxing Punching Mitts

Beyond MMA Kick Strike Shield Curved Training Thai Pad Target Focus Boxing Punching Mitts

  • Brand: Maxx Sports
  • Product Code: B-412
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Main Features :-


you will get single Shield


1  -  High density foam covered in heavy duty rex Leather.


2  -  Absorb the force of your kicking and striking pefectly!


3  -  Impact resistant foam filling, absorbing -


4  -  Has three holding straps and a thick foam covered cavity for maximum blow



5  -  Three durable rear handles provide full control


6  -  Air vents on both sides


7  -  Curved design enhances mobility and invites a wider range of offensive



8  -  Holding straps and handle for better grip


9  -  High density foam padding with extra strong rex Leather covering


10 -  Manufactured with latest technology in strike Shield


11 -  Extremely lightweight


12 -  29 inches long, 14 inches wide and 6 inches thick ‘IMT’ Gel Padding


Comprehensive Description:


"Kicking pad with twice the protection! Layered with durable Maya Hide Leather, break a sweat on this kicking pad without fear of it tearing or splitting. This kicking pad contains gel-lined foam padding that maximizes shock absorption and cushioning power, and minimizes trainer fatigue. This MMA kicking pad will stand up to the toughest assaults during combat sports training. The nylon straps and handlebar provide and enhanced and stable grip. Its unique curved shape increases the shock absorption and dispersal surface area for a safer training session. Its dimensions are 60cm long, 36cm wide and 13cm thick. Enormous but light, this kicking pad is sold as a single item"


1. Gel-integrated foam padding for maximum shock absorbency and minimal trainer fatigue.

2. Made with durable Maya Rex Leather and fortified stitching, this kick pad promises career-lasting longevity.

3. Constructed with Maya Rex Leather for durability and strength.

4. Straps feature hook-and-loop closures so you can adjust strap length to your personal fit and preference.

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