Beyond 12 inch Focus Pads Black & White

Beyond 12 inch Focus Pads Black & White

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The shock-absorbent interior is sheathed by authentic and durable leather via the finest stitching techniques. Extra padding over the wrist joint area increases protection from high-impact shots minimizing discomfort to the palms or wrists. Mesh covers entire knuckle side to provide complete ventilation to trainer's hands and distributes shock-force equally over point of impact thanks to Dome shaped design. 
  • BEYOND Rex leather construction allows for long-life and a durable training experience
  • Densely padded interior absorbs shock upon impact with impunity
  • Padding on palm and wrist reduces risk of injury to trainer's arms cushioning against shock-impact from heavy-blows
  • Quick EZ Velcro closure allows easy slip on/off
  • Dome design allows shock-force to be distributed equally

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